Welcome to Worldchat.live Education!

A pedagogical tool for second language professors around the world to design authentic speaking activities for their students

What is worldchat.live Education?

Worldchat.live Education connects second language teachers across the world to design speaking activities for their students. Then, you let your students do the talking! What’s more, paired students’ video chat conversations are recorded and directly uploaded onto the Worldchat.live platform.

Worldchat.live Education is a pedagogical tool that allows second language students to interact verbally in an authentic context with fellow students across the globe to improve their command of the language.

For example, while a pair from Rio and Memphis discusses in French or German their respective festivals and traditions, another tandem from Seoul and Quebec talks in Chinese or English about their own education system.

As students from around the world practice second language conversation skills together, they negotiate meaning, build vocabulary as well as expressions. We are evolving in a multilingual reality, and Worldchat.live allows students to be exposed to a variety of accents as they discover different world cultures.

Worldchat.live: let your students do the talking!


Please note that we are currenty in our beta test phase and we are updating the site on a regular basis.

Let us know how we are doing.